Connecting and Equipping Christian leaders for greater gospel impact in KW


ONE Church

Wednesday, October 27
1:00 — 2:00 pm


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Key Presentation:

We know that in every church and ministry right now tough conversations are everywhere. Tension is high, as different sides of all sorts of issues are currently in the minds of our leaders and community members. From mandates to passports, to how the church should respond. How do we as leaders wade through this? We are going to create a space at our next meeting to talk about this together. We want to offer some anchor points to help you; but mostly allow us as leaders to learn together and help each other here.

January, 2020 - Hazelglen
Connect and Engage
Connect, Engage, Pray
September, 2019 - Elevation
About Us

About Us

ONE Church KW exits to connect the church, to equip leaders for greater gospel impact, and to see the church thrive and reach out to the people of KW.

Our priority outcomes are then: Connect, Equip and Impact within our region.

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